The Brooklyn Terminator invades the streets of NYC

Peter Kokis is back with a new exoskeleton costume called Brooklyn Terminator. Find out some of the details behind his creation.

This guest post was written by Peter Kokis.

I've completed another exoskeletal costume called the Brooklyn Terminator. He's my interpretation of the iconic T-800 endoskeleton from the Terminator films. As far as I know, no one in the world has ever depicted the full endoskeleton before in cosplay.

Like my two other exoskeletons, Brooklyn Optimus Prime and Brooklyn Bumblebee, he's made from ordinary and readily-available household and hardware items -- things found in neighborhood stores. I only made two online purchases. Most of his parts are bathroom-related, as I used toilet paper holders to depict his pistons, and it just kept going from there.

His direct construction time was 300 hours, and he weighs 120 lbs. I took a lot of photos during the construction process, but my computer's hard drive crashed and I lost them all. I know, I know... backup!

So, the challenge was to depict an inner-frame exoskeleton with an outer-shell exoskeleton and have it all be visually correct. I couldn't build him "outward" like my Transformers, so I built him inward -- deconstructed him. I thought of a timepiece taken apart, all gears and levers, and this really shows on his back.

Aside from all his extremity's pistons / actuators, I gave him control rods for each of his fingers and toes, and I built out mech-bones for his hands and feet. His red eyes and big grin make him look creepy, which is what I wanted.

Anyway, he did his first performance recently, and these are some shots. Since then, I've added a bunch more to his rear. His funniest part is an actual baby's potty training toilet seat, used for his pelvic girdle. You can view many more pics at Credit for all these photos goes to Eileen Zolkos. As always, thank you for your support.