The Commodore returns--as a gaming PC!

Commodore 64 

From Engadget via BoingBoing: The makers of the original ultimate home computer—the iconic 1980s Commodore 64—have come out of hiding to enter the gaming PC market. To quote the Engadget entry: "The company appears to have decided to bring things back a little closer to its roots, prepping a new line of Commodore-branded PCs aimed at gamers, pitting them against the well-established likes of Alienware and VoodooPC. Unfortunately, there's been no other details whatsoever announced, with Commodore Gaming CEO Bala Keilman only going so far as to say that the PCs will deliver "what gamers need and want." It looks like we won't have to wait too long for the complete rundown, however, with the company promising to reveal everything (including playable systems) at CeBIT on March 15th." All I'm gonna say is, the dang rigs better be beige with brown keys, and there better be a "LOAD '*' ,8,1" screensaver. Some things are sacred.

By Jay Garmon

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