The LEGO sets Man was not meant to know!

Basic economics tells us that LEGO must come up with far more set designs than it ever releases to the public. So, what happens to all those ingenious mini-brick blueprints that are deemed unfit for human consumption? They end up in this book: Forbidden LEGO - The Models Your Parents Warned You Against. For a mere $24.95, you get the inside scoop on LEGO's set-development process, the whys and wherefores of LEGOs becoming forbidden, plus detailed instructions for building these unholy contrivances:

  • The Paper Airplane Launcher
  • The Candy Coated Catapult (plastic spoon sold separately)
  • The Ping Pong Launcher
  • All Terrain LEGO
  • The High Velocity Automatic LEGO Plate Dispenser (AKA, the LEGO handgun, shown in the video above)

Sure, some of these rigs have a remote possibility of shooting your eye out, but what's a little ocular risk when compared with the unmitigated joy of Forbidden LEGO? (Found via reddit.)

By Jay Garmon

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