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The top 10 geek rock artists

From nerdcore rappers to dork-folk acoustic acts, we run down the top 10 geek-rock artists recording today.

5. Adam WarRock BIO: An ex-attorney who helps ghostwrite the Fake AP Stylebook on Twitter, he's exactly the sort of Death Row Records-style nerdcore emcee you'd never expect. STYLE: Eminem if he was a supporting character in Scott Pilgrim. WHERE YOU (MAYBE) HEARD HIM: Public Radio International (no, really) SIGNATURE TRACK: "Objects In Space" 4. Paul and Storm BIO: The token sci-fi nerds of the Bob & Tom Show's regular rotation of musical comedians, these guys are the Tim Wilson and Heywood Banks of the geek universe. STYLE: Comedy club performance pop meets WHERE YOU (MAYBE) HEARD THEM: w00tstock SIGNATURE TRACK: "The Captain's Wife's Lament" 3. MC Frontalot BIO: The foremost nerdcore rap star on the planet, which is far less ridiculous than it sounds. He's the living incarnation of the nerdier side of Brooklyn hip hop. STYLE: Kanye West meets Penny Arcade. WHERE YOU (MAYBE) HEARD HIM: Penny Arcade, where he's the rapper laureate SIGNATURE TRACK: "It Is Pitch Dark (You Are Likely To Be Eaten By A Grue)" 2. Weird Al BIO: He didn't invent the parody-pop genre, but Weird Al brought it into the music video age. And when YouTube took over, his reign only prospered. He is the Elvis Presley of nerd rock. STYLE: Any and every genre, only funnier WHERE YOU (MAYBE) HEARD HIM: MTV (they used to play music) SIGNATURE TRACK: "White & Nerdy" or "It's All About the Pentiums" or "Amish Paradise" or "Fat" or I give up you pick one. 1. Jonathan Coulton BIO: A former Yale Whiffenpoof who tried to make an honest living as a software engineer before the allure of geek-pop derailed his muggle career. He's now the unofficial soundtrack artist of gamer subculture. STYLE: Jason Mraz by way of the Kotaku forums. WHERE YOU (MAYBE) HEARD HIM: You beat Portal SIGNATURE TRACK: "Code Monkey"

Think we missed (or misranked) a worthy nerdsound artist? You can scribble in the liner notes we call a comments section.

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