The verdict is in: Han shot first!

I have long prized my Han Shot First t-shirt from ThinkGeek (a birthday gift from the beloved wife). And since Lucas is releasing a DVD collection of the original theatrical cut of the first Star Wars trilogy, Han's CGI-deprived glory will soon be rightfully restored.

Han shot first!

Now, however, BoingBoing tells me that HSF has become a franchise. Check out these bookends!

HSF bookends

I realize this means I'll not only have to buy yet another version of the Star Wars movies on DVD (this classic PVP comic explains why),

but that I'll also have to buy a set of bookends to display them, and

then probably pose for a photo with my collection while wearing the HSF

t-shirt. Such are my geekly burdens. Anybody else in the same boat?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

By Jay Garmon

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