Video: A sneak peek at Craig Ferguson's robot-skeleton sidekick

MythBusters' Grant Imahara is building TV show host Craig Ferguson a robot-skeleton sidekick. Here's an early look at his progress on the robot.

How do you know you have serious geek cred? When someone agrees to build you a robot!

The hilarious Craig Ferguson, host of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, calls his Twitter (CraigyFerg) followers the robot-skeleton army. MythBusters' Grant Imahara (grantimahara) is building Craig a robot-skeleton sidekick, and earlier this week, we got to see his progress on the project.

SmartPlanet (one of our sister sites) features an interview with Grant Imahara in which he talks about busting myths and building the robot-skeleton sidekick. Here's an excerpt of what he tells interviewer Christina Hernandez about how the robot project came to be and how it's going:

I got a few tweets from people who are both fans of his show and our show who said, "You should build this robot skeleton for Craig." I tweeted to Craig. I said, "If you get me to 100,000 [Twitter] followers, I will build you your very own robot skeleton sidekick." Virtually overnight, I got up to 100,000 followers. We've been communicating back and forth about what this robot skeleton might be like. He's so excited, as am I, to see this thing come to life. It's going to be on [Ferguson's] show April 5.

(Thanks to Selena Frye for tipping me off about the Ferguson video clip.)

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