Video: Don't put your hand in the Large Hadron Collider beam

If you put your hand in front of the Large Hadron Collider beam, what would happen? What if a nearby star went supernova? In this video, scientists answer these questions and more about physics and astronomy.

In this Sixty Symbols video, scientists from the University of Nottingham answer a question about what would happen if a person put their hand in front of the beam of the Large Hadron Collider. Even though they don't necessarily know what would happen, all the scientists agree that you don't want to find out.

The experts also answer these viewer questions (most of these are shortened versions of the questions): If there was a galaxy made completely out of antiparticles, would it behave the same way as our galaxy? If the universe was to come into existence again, would we have the same forces and constants? What if a nearby star went supernova? What is your favorite symbol?

If you enjoy this 13-minute video, check out part one in the video series, in which the scientists answer questions about string theory (specifically, can you explain string theory in a way I can understand?), the speed of gravity, and magnetism.

What physics or astronomy questions would you consider submitting to the folks at the Sixty Symbols site?

(Thanks to Selena Frye for the video link.)