Video: Gadgets to help you beat the heat

CNET Senior Editor Natali del Conte talks about several geeky gadgets to help you keep cool this summer. One must-see item is the remote-controlled cooler.

Anyone who attended the TechRepublic Community Event can attest that Louisville, KY can be quite hot and humid (okay, sweltering) this time of year. So after watching this video in which CNET Senior Editor Natali del Conte talks about geeky gadgets that will help you stay cool this summer, I think the TechRepublic staff should "test" and review the remote-controlled cooler for our 2009 Geek Gift Guide. What do you say, Mark?

Check out all the gadgets featured in the video, which include a portable air conditioner, an iceless wine chiller, a portable ice maker, and an ice shaver.

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