Video: Life imitates art imitates...HAL 9000?

What happens when a couple thousand Internet nerds unknowingly imitate the computer death rattle from 2001? A nursery rhyme from your synthetic nightmares.

Ever wonder why Stanley Kubrick chose "Daisy Bell" as HAL 9000's funeral dirge in 2001: A Space Odyssey? Because "Daisy Bell" was the first song ever sung by a computer. Clearly, this was a Web 2.0 performance art piece waiting to happen, so a project called A Bicycle Built for 2000 recorded 2,000 people singing a single tone, then mashed up those human voices into a synthetic aggegrate "tune," which sounds a lot like HAL singing "Daisy Bell" -- as imagined by H.R. Giger. If you ever wondered what the children chorus of Hell sounds like, this is a good bet.