Video: Star Wars vs. ... Gangsta Rap, Samurai, and Charlie Brown

  • SFX Magazine's "Top 10 Star Wars Spoofs." (from SFSignal) Submitted for your enjoyment is #2 from that list: The Star Wars Gangsta Rap...complete with a Flash-animated video which is flat-out hilarious. (OG Yoda is the star of this show, though watching Vader throw out 'Dark Siiide' gang signs is pretty killer, too.)
  • Behold, Star Wars vs. Charles Schultz's Peanuts...To The Death! (from SFSignal) Luke vs. Charlie Brown. Han Solo vs. Linux. Snoopy vs. Chewy. This one has it all, including a fitting end to Jar Jar Binks.
  • Samurai VaderThe many faces of Vader courtesy of the Land of the Rising Sun: Samurai Sith Lord Armor  (via Star Wars Databank). Japan's Yoshitoku Company is offering Vader-inspired quarter-scale samurai armor as a possible Tango no Sekku (Boy's Day) festival, wherein parents traditionally bestow vestmenst of the samuria upon young boys to guard their spirits and guide theirmaturity. While the armor is wicked cool, the subtext of using the image of a corrupted, mass-murdering Dark Jedi as a role model is also a,...ambiguous.
  • Breaking news: Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job? (from reddit) "Why has there been no investigation into evidence that the droids who provided the rebels with the Death Star plans were once owned by none other than Lord Vader himself, and were found, conveniently, by the pilot who destroyed the Death Star, and who is also believed to be Lord Vader’s son?" The world may never know.
  • Steampunk VaderStar Wars meets Steampunk courtesy of Artist Eric Poulton (from Table of MalContents/Wired) Note the clockword Dark Lord of the SIth thumbnail to the left. In his full glory, GearVader has a sassy cravatte, Kaiser Wilhem-esque dress boots, and his very own arclamp lightsaber. (Warning, the artists' site has some NSFW language, particularly in his review of the Tenacious D concert.)

By Jay Garmon

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