Video: The power of the geek at Comic-Con 2009

Watch this video from Comic-Con 2009 to hear interviews with Stan Lee, James Cameron, and Peter Jackson.

Watch this video from last month's Comic-Con 2009 to hear Natali Del Conte and Daniel Sieberg interview Stan Lee, James Cameron, and Peter Jackson and discuss how important the fans are to the event. The hosts also have the cool benefit of having their likenesses turned into superheroes by Marvel Comics artist Mark Brooks. Other highlights from the video include:

  • GameSpot Editor-in-Chief Ricardo Torres offers a brief history of Comic-Con. He notes that, while comics are still at the core, how the show has changed throughout the past 40 years.
  • One attendee says he has seen Star Wars a couple of thousand of times. (What geek movie have you seen the most times?)
  • The big trend in media is 3-D.
  • Marvel Comics artist Mark Brooks discusses his first comic book.
  • GameSpot's Shaun McInnis chats with some folks who attended the Masquerade Ball, the biggest costume soiree at the convention, and finds out what it takes to get into the event. One attendee says it took about five or six months to make her costume.
  • Stan Lee reveals which superpower he would really like to have.

(Thanks to Bill Detwiler for sending me this CBS News video.)