Video: Why it's never safe to fly model X-wings

Last year, the Polecat Aerospace Club built a hyper-accurate 1/4 scale model X-wing to prove the design was flight-worthy. It wasn't. However, new video evidence has come to light proving that the real-life X-wing's maiden flight may have been sabotaged--by the Galactic Empire!

Last October, we chronicled the adventures of the Polecat Aerospace Club as they built a laser-cut, custom-designed 1/4th scale X-wing as a monster model rocket--perhaps to answer whether those X-wings are actually useful for flight. At first blush, the answer was a self-destructive No. However, new evidence has recently come to light, which suggests that both the Polecats and the X-wing may have been unfairly criticized--thanks to the dark workings of the Galactic Empire.

Here's a video of what really happened to the real-life rocket X-wing. Hat tip to my buddy John Hickman for the video.

No word yet on what happened to the scale model Y-wing rocket, but my best is there's a Tie Interceptor video out there we haven't yet seen.

By Jay Garmon

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