Visual evidence that not all keyboards are created equal

In a TechRepublic Photo Gallery, Greg Shultz presents a collection of 19 very interesting keyboards and one accessory that you can use to spice up your computer interface.

While the keyboard remains one of the primary human to computer interface peripherals, it is often taken for granted. I mean, do you really pay that much attention to what your keyboard looks like? Well, there are some who do pay attention, and Greg Shultz has gathered up a bunch of stylish keyboard examples and published them in a TechRepublic Photo Gallery, "Input this: Wild and wacky keyboards."

I think the keyboard I would like to try is the one where the padded keys are made of fine leather. Now, that is living in the lap of luxury. See the rest of this wild and wacky keyboard collection in the photo gallery, and if you have some unusual keyboards to add to our list, please offer them up in the discussion forum.