Wacky Linux Part 14: Gaping security hole!

In our last episode, I went shopping for advice on a USB wireless adapter for my Ubuntu-infused

Compaq Armada M300 laptop. That particular Wacky Linux Adventure is on

hold, however, thanks to this worrisome bit of security info from


Bug #34606 in Ubuntu: 'Administrator root password readable in cleartext on Breezy'

The root password from the first user registred by Breezy can be

found by any user by reading the file


The good news is that, to Breezy's credit, the bug was fixed in a

matter of hours (check the comments on the page). The bad news is that,

for the second time, downloading Ubuntu updates restored my original VGA parameter bug! This isn't the first time downloading updates has restored the driver bug. Now, I have a method for restoring my settings,

but it's getting a little annoying to have to run through the process

every other time Breezy provides new updates (which is pretty much

weekly). So, here's my Tech Q&A distress signal for the week—how do I prevent Breezy Ubuntu updates from restoring my 'original' VGA boot parameters?


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By Jay Garmon

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