Watch Isaac Asimov's TV show

Watch the first episode of 'Probe'--the network TV show co-created by Isaac Asimov. It lasted only six episodes until the 1988 writers strike did it in, but the yummy nostalgic value of the show is made only brighter by YouTube.

Throne of AsimovFound via SFSignal:

"You know you can watch the 2-hour premiere episode of Probe on YouTube? (We love you YouTube!) It has been uploaded in 5-minute pieces. Start with part 1 and follow the 'related' links for the other parts.

"What is Probe, you say? From the Asimov FAQ:

 "Asimov was credited as adviser and co-creator of this television series, which lasted for a 2-hour pilot and six 1-hour episodes on ABC in 1988 before a writer's strike came along and ended the series. It starred Parker Stevenson as brilliant young scientist Austin James, who owned his own high-tech think tank consulting firm, and used his scientific expertise to solve baffling crimes as a sort of modern day Sherlock Holmes."

I vaguely remember this show. I think I only caught one episode, which involved artificial lightning somehow. Considering I was 11 when it first ran, I'm not surprised it failed to grab me. I wouldn't truly fall in love with hard sci-fi until much later. (And no, Star Trek doesn't count as "hard sci-fi." In fact, the purists will probably scold me for even using the term "sci-fi," preferring "SF" instead, but that's a rant for another day.)