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Webcomic: The real reason to buy a Kindle 2 (and it's not the free audiobooks)

Lost in all the furor over audiobook copyrights and technical achievements is the real reason to buy a Kindle 2 -- one that sci-fi fans know quite well.

The entire eBook industry is up in arms about the Kindle 2's ability to read books aloud with a built-in text-to-speech system. The Authors Guild says it's a violation of audiobook copyrights. Techdirt says that's pure legal poppycock. CrunchGear just has gadget-love for the the new Kindle, and lists 10 reasons for and against buying a Kindle 2. Lost in all the furor, however, is the real reason to buy a Kindle 2 — one that xkcd and sci-fi fans know quite well.

(Hat tip to SF Signal for some sources.)

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