What are your geeky resolutions for 2011?

Nicole Bremer Nash shares the geek things she intends to do this year and asks TechRepublic members to post their geeky resolutions for 2011.

I really don't like making New Year's Resolutions. It seems like a great way to set yourself up for disappointment. Everybody says they want to quit smoking, quit drinking, lose weight, get fit, and it's all supposed to magically happen when you wake up on the first. True change takes work, discipline, and time to plan and accomplish.

So I don't make grand resolutions; instead I think about what changes I would like to see in myself and in my life. I think about these changes, and I find ways to make them. I consider them in realistic terms: I want to lose a few pounds, but I don't want to give up carbs. Exercise not only makes up for the carbs, it also helps me sleep. So I make myself stick to my workout schedule. I want to learn a new skill, so I sign up for the class. I want more family time so I ... I don't know just yet.

Here's where the geek in me comes in. I see lots of people resolving to turn off the computer for one day a week. I can get on board with not checking email, Facebook, and Twitter. I can even understand avoiding wasting half a morning reading blogs. But my computer is my source for how-to's. I look up project ideas, kitchen science recipes, cooking instructions; I use a computer to learn how to do all the things I use the no-screen time for. I am technology dependent.

So I guess my geek resolution is not to give up my computer for one day a week, but to learn to not need my computer all the time. I need to become less technology dependent. That goes for my smartphone too.

Hmm, I just made a resolution...I guess I'll play this game after all.

Other geek things that I intend (fine, resolve) to do this year include attending more Tweetups and Geek dinners. I also want to get involved with a cool group and learn some hands-on technical skills, like those used in building robots. I would also like to set up a small science station in my house, where I could easily do some fun, geeky science.

Though I prefer to think of these as goals, or fun things to do, I guess they are resolutions after all; and pretty geeky ones at that. So tell me: do you make resolutions? What geek resolutions have you made for 2011?