What costume would you wear to Comic-Con?

At Comic-Con International 2010, some fans dressed in costumes that were geeky, cool, and wacky. Geekend readers, we'd love to hear what costume you would wear to Comic-Con.

A main attraction at Comic-Con is seeing attendees who are dressed in elaborate and often handmade geek costumes, and thousands of Comic-Con International 2010 eventgoers did not disappoint. There were fans dressed as Mario, Wolverine, Princess Leia, Rorschach, characters from TRON, Futurama, Avatar, and so on. CNET's Molly Wood even joined in the fun by going as Wonder Woman.

Check out these TechRepublic galleries to see photos of some fantastic geek costumes, as well as celebrities, collectibles, comics, and more from Comic-Con 2010.

Your Comic-Con fashion statement

Whether you're planning to attend a Comic-Con event this year, or you're thinking ahead for Comic-Con International 2011, or even if you have no intention of actually attending these geeky conventions, what costume would you wear to Comic-Con? (Geekend contributor Edmond Woychowsky says he would have dressed as a zombie if he could have made it to San Diego last week.) If you have attended a geeky convention in costume, we'd love to hear about your outfit. For inspiration, look at this TechRepublic member costume photo gallery.

Photos from Comic-Con 2008 and Comic-Con 2009

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