What geeky items are on your bucket list?

There are so many geek things to do and so little time to do all of them. Tell us about some of your geekiest aspirations.

The world is full of amazingly geeky things to do and experience -- so many things in fact that entire books, such as The Geek Atlas, have been written to facilitate in seeing the world through a geek's eyes. In addition to taking geeky vacations and spending enough time in Azeroth to fully memorize the map, how else should a geek spend free time?

For those Geekend readers who have bucket lists, here are some geeky suggestions to add to your life to-do list. Some of the items are fantastical dreams, while others are ideas that you want to do some day but just haven't made time to do. These are items that will take your geekiness to the next level and not just the basics that every geek should know to have earn some cred.

  • Take a trip into space, though the possibility of that are dwindling what with NASA cutting funding. You could always go to space camp instead.
  • Take a jetpack ride. According to a recent Smart Planet article, personal jetpacks might be coming soon. That is, for anyone who can afford to shell out $100,000 for one.
  • Get teleported. You'll earn extra geek cred if you're brave enough to wear a red shirt while doing it.
  • Visit James T. Kirk's birthplace. Though you won't be around to witness his birth.
    Carol Riggan enjoying Trekfest. (Credit: Herb Kane)
  • Be first in line for a geeky event. Whether it's to see The Hobbit or to buy Apple's next big product or something else equally geeky, this will earn you major cred.
  • Go on The Lord of the Rings tour. It doesn't get much geekier than using vacation time to visit Middle-earth.
  • Own your domain name. Now you can get to work on filling up the Google search results for your name on geeky endeavors.
  • Invent a programming language and get it named after you.
  • Get the top score in a multiplayer FPS.
  • Beta test at least one new video game and find a bug never found before. This one is for hard-core gamers.
  • Mentor a young geek-in-training. Put your computer skills to excellent use by volunteering for a local mentoring program.
  • Meet one of your geek icons. Lots of geek celebrities, including William Shatner, George Lucas, and Stan Lee, attend the major conventions. Take the opportunity to tell the person what they've meant to you.
    George Lucas at Celebration V. (Credit: CNET News.com)

Tell us about your geeky bucket list items in the discussion.

By Nicole Nash

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