What geeky pursuits did your dad inspire you to discover?

Join in the TechRepublic discussion about the geeky pursuits or interests your father introduced you to as a kid or as an adult.

We posed this question on TechRepublic's Facebook page: What geeky pursuits or interests did your father introduce you to as a kid or as an adult? Here are some of the responses we received from members:

  • My dad inspired my gaming interest,when he bought a computer back in 1995,with PacMAN onboard:-) -- Allan KaptƎn
  • Computers! He had one of the first personal computers ever made. But more importantly, he raised me to think out of the box and be a good troubleshooter, which certainly helps in IT! -- Devora Locke
  • We stayed up late getting the vehicle electronics working as he explained what each part does. -- Kevin Njoroge
  • Those electronic project kits from radio shack. -- Jerry Smith
  • Building the TRS-80 Color Computer and playing board games from Strategy and Tactics magazine! -- Andy Moon

Tell us if your father or stepfather made an indelible imprint on your introduction to geek culture.

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