Where would you wear a Star Trek costume?

Check out these Star Trek costumes and t-shirts and Spock ears and wig, and let us know where you would and would not wear them.

Geekend contributor Wally Bahny created a gallery of some of the Star Trek costumes, Spock ears and wig, and t-shirts that are available in The Official Star Trek Store. These are the items featured in this Star Trek gift gallery:

Would you wear (or have you worn) a Star Trek costume in public other than to a costume party or a geeky convention? In Jay Garmon's post about when Trekkers jumped the shark, he presented the example of the juror who wore her NextGen uniform to the Whitewater trial as exhibit A in his argument. Jay wrote: "She seemed honestly baffled by the problem, as if her faux getup from an academy that doesn't exist should have equal standing with any other military uniform." If you have worn your Star Trek uniform to, say, the office or the grocery, what response did you get?

If you've ever worn a Star Trek t-shirt in public, did people ask you questions about it, or did they just flash you the Vulcan greeting?

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