WonderCon 2011: Photos of comics and fans in costume

WonderCon celebrated its 25th anniversary in San Francisco last week. These galleries from the event feature comics book writers and artists and fans decked out in their geekiest attire.

The comics and popular arts event WonderCon 2011 was held in San Francisco on April 1-3. The TechRepublic gallery WonderCon 2011 cosplay photos features fans in costume as Captain America, Princess Leia, Superman, Stormtroopers (there's even an Elvis Stormtrooper), Pac-Man, steampunk creations, and more.

Photo credit: SamuelHTC via Flickr
Also, take a look at the CNET News.com gallery Comics come alive at WonderCon, which features comics that were on display (including some vintage prints), some of the author and artists in attendance, and various merchandise that was available.

Photo credit: CBS Interactive
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