After Hours

Writers Meeting Day +1

So I tried out the local science fiction/fantasy writers group

last night. Gotta tell ya, it was a blast. My fears of a

self-congratulatory ego-coven were nowhere near the reality of the

situation. These folks genuinely produce good work and offer

thoughtful, honest criticism of each peer. Plus, they were totally open

to the newbie who didn't even bring a sample piece (as in, me). I

actually can't wait for the next meeting, in June, and actually want to

produce something I can get peer-reviewed. I really couldn't have asked

for more.

As an aside, I found out why they call the group "The Vault." See, the local Starbucks where they (or, I guess, we)

meet was retrofitted from a defunct bank branch. It was too expensive

to remove the old room-sized moneyvault from the premises, so they

turned it into a conference room. I've gotta tell you, it's a bit

surreal to sit at one of those Swedish-style laptop-friendly conference

tables in a windowless room with steel door and visible AIR SUPPLY

control on the wall, but it seemed oddly appropriate for the group in

question. We'll see if I feel the same a month from now.

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