Add the Muppets to your circles with Google+ Pages

Google has added a new feature called Google+ Pages that gives businesses the ability to set up a Google Plus presence you can add to your circles.

I have been using Google Plus (Google+) almost since the first day it was made available and in general I like it okay. The ability to segregate your associations into circles gives me the degree of control that I always felt was lacking in Facebook.

Well, now Google as announced a new feature called Google+ Pages that gives businesses the ability to create Google+ Profiles, which you and I can add to our circles. You can read the details in the official Google Blog.

You will no doubt notice that the number of companies and organizations with Google+ Pages is very limited right now, but we are promised that everyone will be able to join in the fun eventually.

The Initial list of Google+ Pages

  • All American Rejects
  • Anderson Cooper 360
  • Angry Birds
  • Barcelona Football Club
  • Burberry
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Fox News
  • Good Morning America
  • H&M
  • Macy's
  • Modelland
  • The Muppets*
  • Pepsi
  • Phoenix Suns
  • Save the Children
  • Toyota
  • Train
  • WWE
  • X Games
  • Zen Bikes

Is this what we want?

I understand why Google has added this feature. I know lots of non-personal entities have Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, but how many of us actually participate and interactive with those entities. Is adding Google+ Pages a good strategy for businesses? Aren't most businesses fairly inept at effectively using these tools?

Personally, I don't Facebook "Like" or follow the Tweets of any business or organization. For me it is all about the personal social media relationship. The interaction I receive from organizations is, politely put, useless junk. It is not real, it is not authentic, and most critically it is not worth my time. I think Google+ Pages may be just another social media ploy that I will ignore. What about you?