Chrome beta for Android but only if are part of the 1 percent

You can get the Chrome beta for Android devices, but only if you are part of the 1% that has Ice Cream Sandwich.

This week Google announced a beta version of Chrome for Android mobile and tablet devices. At first glance that sounds great, but it turns out it is only available for devices running the Ice-Cream Sandwich version of the Android operating system.

And as Sonja Thompson points out over in the Tablets in the Enterprise Blog, only a measly 1% of Android devices are running the Ice-Cream Sandwich version of the operating system. Hardly the general availability of the Chrome Browser we would like to see. With such a small percentage of devices eligible, the announcement is decidedly anti-climactic.

Would you use Chrome as your everyday browser for your Android device if it were available? What benefits would you expect from Chrome?

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By Mark Kaelin

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