Google Drive joins the cloud storage fray

Google Drive is finally a reality and joins the plethora of available cloud-based storage services.

Google announced that it's long anticipated cloud-based storage service called Google Drive is available as of April 24, 2012. However, you may have to wait another few days before it shows up in your Google Apps. (I'm still waiting for my Google Drive as I write this.)

Store it

Everyone gets 5GB of free Google Drive storage just for having a Google Apps account, but additional storage is going to cost you. For $2.49/month you can get 25GB and for $4.99/month you can get 100GB.

To see if Google Drive is available for your account yet, go to the Google Drive website and look for the message in the right-hand margin.

To upgrade your storage, open Google Docs and navigate to the Settings page using the gear button in the upper right corner. Under the storage category you will see a link, "Upgrade Storage." Click that link and you will see your current storage settings and see the available storage options.

The video on the Google Drive page does a good job of summarizing what Google envisions for Google Drive.