Keep track of your Google account with Account Activity

There is a new beta feature for Google Apps users called Account Activity that promises to grant insight to some of your online activity.

On March 28, 2012, Google made available a new feature for users of Google Apps called Account Activity. If you opt in, Google will send you a monthly report that offers insight into the activity taking place under your account.

This password-protected report can show you how much mail you sent and how much you received, and who your main contact was during that time. It will tell what countries you were in when you signed in and what you top search terms were for the month.

Account Activity is designated as a beta feature and Google is asking for feedback, if you opt in to give it a try. If you have been curious about this kind of information on your Google Account, this new beta feature may be just the thing for you. It makes a nice compliment to the Google Dashboard and the Ads Preferences Manager already available for tracking yourself.

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