Poll: Are you using Google Hangouts for anything?

Google is making video an integral part of their user growth strategy, but are we buying what they are selling?

At the risk of losing some technology geek street cred, I will state straight up that I have never participated in a Google Hangout - not even once. I am not against the concept necessarily, I just haven't been asked to join one and I have never felt any need to start one of my own. But then I am not what you call "hip" anymore, so I think it is understandable and can be excused.

Hangouts On Air

However, perhaps some of you are using this Google+ feature to connect with colleagues or reach out to customers or to manage your book clubs. I'd like to know if you are using Google Hangouts and if you are, just how you are using them.

Google recently added a wrinkle to the equation when they started rolling out Hangouts On Air, where you can broadcast your Hangout to the general public; is that something that interests you? The CBS Morning Show has apparently taken advantage of the On Air format to do some broadcasting using this platform, but I am not sure how well it went.

Do you see a future in video conferencing using Google+ tools? Can web-based video broadcasting be a viable model for reaching a target audience?

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