Poll: Google News turns 10 years old but will it reach 20?

Google has evolved considerably over the years, where does it go from here?

On September 22, 2012, Google News celebrated its ten year anniversary. It seems like Google has been around a lot longer than that to me. The company certainly has changed and evolved in that relatively short time.

Editor's note: I originally misread this story - the 10 year anniversary is for Google News. My apologies for the confusion. The spirit of the poll question still holds however.

I first heard about Google, at least this is how I remember it, on an episode of The Screensavers on TechTV. Leo Laporte was touting it for its minimalistic display and the power of the search algorithm. The company has come a long way. Google now has everything from the mundane of email to the futuristic concept wearable computer.

So, I put it to the TechRepublic audience, where is Google heading as a company and are we ready to follow?