Poll: How do you rate the new look of Google Plus?

Google has changed the look and feel of the Google+ service, but is it better, worse, of about the same?

Google continues to be the most amorphous company in the world when it comes to user interfaces for their products and services. This week's example is the new interface for Google+. The general consensus I have seen in the tech press is that the new interface is "Twitter-like."

I can see that. However, my initial reaction is basically a numb acceptance of the continuous change that comes with using anything Google. There is no need to get upset or happy about anything Google does because next week it will be different. Creating apathy is probably not what Google has in mind when it makes these changes, but, at least in my case, that is what I am feeling.

How about you? Has Google's continued insistence that everything must keep changing, sucked the will to care right out of you? Or are you still enjoying the ride and looking forward to next week's user interface change? Is the new look of Google+ a good thing?

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