Poll Results: The success or failure of Google+ is still just a coin flip

In April we asked if Google+ was doomed to imminent failure. TechRepublic members think that result is still more or less a toss-up.

In April 2012, Adam Metz wrote a blog post suggesting that we were seeing The beginning of the end of Google+. He provided several reasons to validate his hypothesis including the lack of time users spend on Google+ when compared to the other prominent social networks.

Later in April 2012, Donovan Colbert offered his rebuttal to Adam in a blog post with the title: Reasons we shouldn't count Google+ out yet. Donovan thinks comparing to Google+ to Facebook as an indication of success is incorrect. A better comparison is Google+ versus Twitter and in that comparison Google is more likely to be a success.

What we think

Personally, I like Google+ as a platform. I find it much cleaner and much less confusing than Facebook's for example. The circles metaphor is simple to understand and implement, so I give Google+ an edge in that regard. However, Facebook is where the people are and that is a tough demographic to overcome.

Of course, the social network I use more than any other is Twitter: short and sweet, get to the point, what's on your mind and then go away - that just appeals to me on so many levels.

But the real question is what do members of TechRepublic think about the subject. So I took a quick poll and the respondents basically consider the overall prospect of Google+ being a success to be about a 50-50 proposition. It will be interesting to ask this question again in a few months to see how the member-attitude evolves.

What is your favorite social network? What is the social network you actually use most often? Are the answers to those questions the same?

By Mark Kaelin

Mark W. Kaelin has been writing and editing stories about the IT industry, gadgets, finance, accounting, and tech-life for more than 25 years. Most recently, he has been a regular contributor to BreakingModern.com, aNewDomain.net, and TechRepublic.