Quick Tip: Add Google Drive to Documents Library

Make Google Drive in more convenient by adding to your Windows Document Library.

The IT Department at CBS Interactive turned on Google Drive last year and I have been using it ever since for all of my writing and editing for TechRepublic. Whether I am writing or editing something in Word, Excel, SnagIT, or one of the other numerous tools I use on a weekly basis, I know that storing those files on Google Drive on my local hard drive means they automatically get copied to the cloud where I can get to them later from just about anywhere.

One way to access Google Drive in a convenient manner is to add it to your Documents Library. This tip shows how to do it in Windows 7, but it works much the same way in Windows 8 - you just have to be in Desktop mode.

Add to documents

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the Documents Library as shown in Figure A.

Figure A

Windows Explorer
Right-click Documents in the left navigation bar and click on the Properties menu item as you can see in Figure B.

Figure B

Right-click and navigate to properties
When you get to Document Properties (Figure C), click on the Include a folder button (In Windows 8, the button says Add).

Figure C

Include a folder button
Find Google Drive and then click the Include Folder button to add it to your Documents Library and then Apply and OK. (Figure D)

Figure D

Google Drive now included in Documents Library

If you notice, I have not adopted Google's search methodology for finding documents - I like to do it the old fashioned way with hierarchical folders. Only now, those hierarchical folders are in the cloud.

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