Quick Tip: Two ways to share slides in a Google+ Hangout

Google's HTML View gives you an alternative way to share your slides during a Hangout session.

During a Google+ Hangout, it's easy to show a Google Presentation to participants. For example, using the first method described below works well if you're just showing slides. However, if you want to show websites and slides, you'll end up jumping back and forth between "full screen mode" and other browser tabs a lot.

Google's HTML View gives you an alternative way to share your slides. HTML View shows your slides in a single, scrollable view. In a Hangout, your slides are visible, but so is your address bar and other tabs. HTML View makes it easier to switch from your slides to other tabs. The only downside to HTML view slides in a Hangout is that the slides appear slightly smaller to viewers.

Share slides

While in a Google+ Hangout, it's easy to share your Google Presentation with participants.

1. Click Screenshare.

Click Screenshare while in a Google+ Hangout

2. Go to your Google Drive (http://drive.google.com) in a browser window.

3. Click on the name of your Google Presentation to open it.

Open your presentation in your browser

4. Click the "Present" button in the upper right.

Click the Present button to present full screen

Hangout participants will see your slides fill the Hangout window, with video from other participants at the bottom of the window.

Presenter sees only slides, no browser tabs

Share Slides and browser tabs

Again, while in a Google+ Hangout, repeat the first three steps above to open your presentation. Then do the following:

4. Choose "View | HTML view".

HTML View displays slides in a single, scrollable view

Your slides will be displayed within a single tab. Scroll up and down to move through the slides. (Hold your Ctrl key while pressing the + key to make the slides appear larger; use Ctrl and - to make the slides smaller.)

With this view, you can quickly switch between your slides and other websites.

Insert f-HTMLViewScreenshare.jpg

With HTML View, presenter sees slides in a single, scrollable window, in addition to browser tabs

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