Consultants, what is your IT specialty?

In November 2007, poll results indicated that top specialties among TechRepublic members who were consultants were Technical Support, Project Management, and Software Development. To provide us with a current snapshot of consultants' IT specialties, please take this quick poll.

Back in November 2007, blogger Chip Camden polled fellow TechRepublic members and consultants to find out their IT specialty. Of the 498 members who voted in the poll, 22% specialized in more than one area listed; 17% specialized in Technical Support; 15% specialized in Project Management; and 13% specialized in Software Development. Read Chip's post to view all of the results. (Chip notes that he usually refers to himself as a Software Development Consultant rather than an IT Consultant.)

Since we've published several posts recently about why now may be a good time for IT consultants to specialize (Why specializing may help IT consultants cash in, IT security may keep your consultancy in the black, and Time to add RIA expertise to your IT consulting credentials?), we thought it would be interesting to get a current snapshot of consultants' IT specialties.