Solicit client feedback with these consultant evaluation forms

Surveys can help you determine whether clients are satisfied with your work, expose trouble spots, and allow you to make corrections. Here are two downloadable forms you can use to find out how well you're doing.

Your clients may appear to be satisfied with the work you're doing for them, but it's a good practice to periodically gather feedback to make sure they feel you're meeting their needs. One effective way to gather such feedback is through the use of a survey, which will

  • show them that you care about them,
  • strengthen their confidence in referring your firm for new and repeat business,
  • establish better project control, with fewer surprises, and
  • provide insights into areas of improvements and future enhancements.
Download two versions of our evaluation form: a short document for obtaining a quick overview of client satisfaction and a lengthier form that is designed to solicit more in-depth feedback. (Editor's note: This download was published in January 2006.)

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