1 TB CD disks coming soon

Some good news at last for those terabyte junkies who are forever lamenting the laggard state of archival technology. (I do agree that it is laggard.)

An Israeli technology outfit is nearly ready to bring the next big thing -- all one terabyte of it in this case -- on to a single optical disk.

Mempile's technology utilizes an optical disk that is a direct result of a newly developed “two photon” system of reading and writing. Aptly called the TeraDisc, it is designed to store 1 TB on a single disk. Each TeraDisc is built from a special variant of polymethyl methacrylate, a material that is practically transparent to the laser used by the recorder.

Current prototypes can already store between 600-800 GB per disk. Mempile believes that 1 TB per 1.2mm disk should be possible soon.

Dr. Beth Erez, Mempile’s Chief Marketing Officer, says that the disks can last 50 years and should be very reliable.

In fact, Mempile reckons that by shifting over to blue lasers from the red laser initially used, it should eventually be able to cram 5 TB of data per disk.

The first 1 TB units should be in the shops within 30 months.

You can check out The Future of Things site for the exhaustive details, as well as an interview with Mempile’s CTO, Ortal Alpert, and Dr. Erez.

Share with us what you would do with a 1 TB writer and a stack of blank TeraDisc on your desk.