$100 laptop is now $188

The much publicized "$100 laptop" of the nonprofit One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative has acknowledged that the devices will now cost $188 when mass production begins this fall. The initial $100 price point has been relegated to that of a long-term goal.

A variety of factors were blamed for the price increase, including currency fluctuations and the steadily rising components such as nickel and silicon.

The main concern on the new pricing has to do with the ease with which the OLPC can sign up international governments as customers.

Excerpt from CNN:

"Where does it end? It started out at $130, then it was $148, then it was $176, now it's $188 - what's next? $200?" said Wayan Vota, the former director of the Geekcorps international tech-development organization and current editor of the OLPCNews blog. "You have these governments who were looking at this original, fanciful $100-per-child figure, now we're going up towards or maybe past $200."

At the moment, OLPC says it has commitments for at least 3 million of the "XO" computers. Among the nations that have shown interest are Brazil, Libya, Thailand, and Uruguay.

Do you reckon that the new price point will result in dropped orders?