A mouse that fits into your ExpressCard slot

MoGoI chanced upon the MoGo Mouse x54 by Newton Peripherals just the other day and thought I'd share it with you folks.

Some of you might have known about the MoGo Mouse BT, which is an insanely slim wireless mouse that stows away nicely into the CardBus slot of your laptop.


With ExpressCard slots steadily replacing the Cardbus interface as the new de facto standard, Newton Peripherals has done it again and released a new form factor of their signature mouse that is suited for the ExpressCard/54 slot. As you might expect, the MoGo Mouse X54 features embedded Bluetooth technology and charges automatically when inserted into your laptop.

However, this time they outdid themselves and released not one, but two different ExpressCard/54 versions. The two flavors of the MoGo Mouse X54 are the "MoGo Mouse X54" and the "MoGo Mouse X54 Pro" respectively.

The difference between the two edition has to do with the key new feature that Newton has somehow incorporated. Not satisfied with the MoGo being just a ultra-portable mouse, they somehow squeezed in the capability for it to operate as a wireless remote control as well.

The MoGo Mouse X54 works as a media controller while the MoGo Mouse X54 Pro functions as a wireless presentation tool. You can visit their various product pages for more information.

Anyway, Newton Peripheral has kindly agreed to send out a set for me to review. Hopefully, it'll be the MoGo Mouse X54 so that I can test it out with my KeyControl hotkey plugin for Winamp.

I will post an update once I get the mouse and am able to test it out. In the meantime, do you rely exclusively on your laptop's touch pad, or do you normally bring along a separate mouse?