A virtual and social touch to the recruiting process

Traditional recruiting processes are undergoing a makeover with the new Web 2.0 culture. From extensive blogs to virtual hiring, the changes are making the most of the new technologies.

A few years ago, RSS feeds, blogs, and online advertising (blogs.indeed) were emerging as the next generation sources for obtaining potential candidates. As the Web 2.0 culture entrenches further into the employee psyche, enterprises are increasingly making inroads and tapping the potential of new technologies for recruiting.

TechNewsWorld reports that in the month of May, Hewlett-Packard carried out an online virtual walk-in-interview on Linden Lab's Second Life. Social networks are another possible avenue to hire new candidates. Web 2.0 has provided several avenues for companies to make more information available to potential candidates.

But with the emergence of Web 2.0 savvy employees, more issues are coming to focus. Chief among these issues are the demand for flexible working hours, gelling into a team, and retaining talent.

How has your enterprise's recruitment effort been affected in the Web 2.0 era?