AMD to ship 'Barcelona' in August

Finally, AMD has announced that its much touted 'Barcelona' quad-core Opteron processors will ship in August of this year (ComputerWorld). The release will include a Standard and a Low-power version of the chip.

While rival Intel launched its quad-core Xeon processors last November and claims to have shipped more than one million of the devices, it will be interesting to see how the AMD processors stand up to the industry benchmarks.

Here's a quote from the article about 'Barcelona' at TG Daily:

AMD said that the new processors can provide a performance increase up to 70% on "certain database applications" and up to 40% on "certain floating point applications." Upcoming higher frequency processors are expected "to significantly add to this performance advantage."

Features of the 'Barcelona' chip include:

  • Power Consumption: 95 watt (Standard) and 65 watt (Low-power version).
  • Processor speed: 2 GHz (Standard) and 100 MHz to 200 MHz slower in the reduced-power version.
  • Direct Connect Architecture: For faster bandwidth.
  • PowerNow technology: Regulating power according to processing needs.

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Intel has definitely had the upper hand so far with the introduction of quad-cores(DailyTech) last November and plans to shift to the 45nm designs. Will AMD's 'Barcelona' pack a good enough punch against Intel? Join the discussion.