Another blow to wide-spread usage of RFID

In another blow to the adoption of RFID in the enterprise, often billed as a barcode replacement, researchers from PacketFocus Security Solutions and ATlas RFID Solutions use standard tag readers and antennas to read the EPC (Electronic Product Code) labels on boxes that are loaded into a rented 18-wheeler tractor-trailer.

According to PacketFocus Hacking Director Joshua Perrymon:

An attacker could write to the EPC tags, changing or disabling them if they are not adequately protected via authorization frameworks and password.

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The next step is to test whether a car can cruise alongside or behind a moving truck and still be able to read the tags.

What is your opinion on the viability of RFID - do you think that the security angle a hopeless cause that it cannot hope to ever address adequately? Join the discussion.