Apple announces iMac improvements

After much suspense, Apple today announced faster, slimmer, shinier iMacs, with 2.0-2.4GHz Core 2 Extreme Intel processors, up to 4GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD graphics cards, up to 1TB of storage, 802.11n, and Bluetooth 2.0 built-in. A faster 20-inch iMac @ $1,199 moves into the market space of the 17", another 20" with a faster CPU, faster video, and a more capacious hard drive will retail at $1,499, and the new faster 24" inch is priced at $1,799.

A slimmer, trimmer keyboard matching the aluminum-and-glass new look adds many special buttons for media controls, Dashboard and Expose.

New iLife services were also announced for easier photo organizing and photo-blogging with or without the iSight camera, and an Excel-competing spreadsheet, named Numbers, will be included in its $80 iWorks suite 8.0, says the Wall Street Journal.

Although Cupertino focused on the iMac today, many third-party iPhone announcements surrounded the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Steve Jobs' return: An iPhone AJAX SDK, a new iPhone developers' track at AJAXWORLD, Plusmo's 20,000-odd widgets now working on the iPhone, a homebrew voice recorder app, and an iPhone NES emulator for gamers.

Is this incrementalism of iMac improvement significant or more of the same? What should Apple's next desktop move be?

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