Apple faces suit over iPhone battery

Apple iPhoneAccording to, Illinois lawyer Larry Drury has filed a lawsuit on behalf of iPhone owner Jose Trujillo against Apple.

Larry claims that Apple defrauded his client by failing to reveal that the iPhone battery was not user-replaceable, and that it would die after just 300 charges.

Excerpt from

“This case arises out of Defendants' purposeful and fraudulent concealment to purchasers of its iPhone cellular telephone that they will be required to incur an annual fee of $85.95 as part of Defendants' battery replacement program."

It has received ridicule from quarters, who point out that it is normal for lithium ion batteries to wear out eventually and will have lowered capacity over time. It does not simply, however, "roll over and die."

If you have not read it yet, you should check out my earlier piece on 3 things you should already know about your lithium ion battery – given that most rechargeable batteries on the market now fall into that category.

The speculation is that perhaps the plaintiffs had the successful iPod battery lawsuit in mind when they filed this complaint and hoped to force Apple into some kind of settlement.

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Granted, having the ability to swap the batteries in your mobile phone would be a pretty useful, and I do wonder at Apple's continued insistence to stick to its non user-replaceable (battery) design.

Do you buy extra batteries for your mobile?