Apple unveils iWork '08 productivity suite

On Tuesday, Apple announced an updated version of its productivity tool, iWork '08, which includes Pages (word processor), Keynotes (presentation application), and Number (a spreadsheet application).

A brief list of the features follows:

  • New text effects
  • New animated text effects and transitions
  • Instant Alpha feature to automatically remove the background from an image
  • New formatting options and modes (word-processing mode in addition to a page-layout one)
  • New contextual format bar and templates
  • Change tracking for managing document versions
  • Numbers offers Intelligent Tables that let users more easily build formulas, column sorting, and filtering
  • Flexible Canvas to displays multiple tables on a single page
  • Interactive printing
  • Customizable templates
  • Import and export Excel documents

iWork '08 will be priced at US$79 and will run on Mac OS X 10.4 as well as the upcoming OS X 10.5 upgrade.

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With many productivity tools (such as Google Apps) already gaining traction, Microsoft has more to worry about. The conversion option makes it easier to not use the Microsoft tools at all. Will this multi-pronged attack get the better of Microsoft's Office suite, especially if iWork goes the Safari way?