Are there toolbar utilities that tickle your fancy?

The lead story that I selected for today's IT News Digest newsletter discusses how some Internet companies (such as Google, AOL, MSN, and Yahoo) are battling for space on the browsers of new PCs: "Forget browser wars, prepare for toolbar wars."

Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies Associates, believes that the browser - not the desktop - has become the most sought-after piece of real estate on a new PC. According to Kay, just about every PC user who's connected to the Internet uses the browser at least once a day, and browser toolbars that contain useful utilities (such as Google's search engine) will grab a user's attention.

"Google already has partnerships with PC makers such as Hewlett-Packard, Sony, Apple Computer, and Toshiba to distribute the Google Toolbar... [and] Google rivals such as AOL, Yahoo, and MSN are likely perusing similar deals or negotiating for their own unique space on a new PC."

I was very curious to know what the TechRepublic community thought about this issue, so I posted the following question: "Which browser toolbar do you use on a regular basis?" The majority of respondents gave a big thumbs down to browser toolbars, yet I did spot at least one fan of the Google Toolbar. I also am a Google Toolbar fan, even though I only use the search box. For me, that one little feature is worth the other miscellaneous items that I'll most likely never use. Call me quirky, but it makes me happy. Is there a toolbar utility out there that makes you happy - or at least that makes your life a little easier?