Back from CommunicAsia 2007

It was a tiring but fun day at CommunicAsia 2007 yesterday. As expected, the majority of the exhibits had to do with networking equipment: from LAN to MAN to WAN, from wired to wireless, satellite to optical, as well as certain categories of products that defies categorization.

Rather than bore you folks to death with details of every idiosyncratic product on offer, I have decided to filter down and feature only the most outstanding products. Actually, as you can expect, there are some pretty idiotsynthetic ones as well, but I digress...

Now, I have already identified four outstanding gadgets or technologies that caught my attention and will be writing and posting them in separate postings spaced over the next few days. So, do keep a lookout for them!

For today however, we'll be looking at some snapshots that I managed to capture on my trusty Sony Ericsson K800i. Hope you like them!

Long queue on day 1: Took a while to get in

Long queue

Thank goodness for the free reading materials. I love them :)

Free reading materials

Goody pack collected. Ready to go!

Goody pack

Ok, first mystery. Can you figure out the link between the girls and the products?

Spot the link

Now, what has golf got to do with Enterprise IT? Ah-ha! Golf is for "networking"!


Plenty of free Internet Access so that you addicts don't have to kill for Internet access.

Internet Booths

This is my favorite. Crackberries at work (ahem) with their BlackBerries. Anyone in your organization needing to ditch their BlackBerry?


So, there goes the first round-up of CommunicAsia 2007. I have some more pictures, which I will publish and provide shortly.

The image gallery is now up, you can see the rest of the pictures here.

Any comments in the meantime?


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