BlackBerry down -- again

I must admit that I am actually a tad behind in reporting this. Still, I thought it would be of interest to those of you not already aware that some BlackBerry users in North America experienced problems last Friday.

A purported software issue caused the e-mail service to be shut down for some hours. BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) users were left with their expensive handheld device's e-mail capabilities disabled while BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) users were not affected. Voice and text-messaging functionalities for all BlackBerry devices continued to function properly.

This is the second time BlackBerry-maker RIM (Research in Motion) has experienced a problem with its service this year. In April, a software-upgrade glitch cut off millions of BlackBerry hand-held device users in the United States from their wireless e-mail service for more than 10 hours (BlackBerry suffers widespread outage).

RIM said the e-mails were only delayed and not lost completely.

Beyond that, RIM (expectedly) remained recalcitrant on any further elaboration of the cause and scope of this downtime. And as usual, it is getting bashed for its lack of transparency.

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