BlackBerry tethering coming to Macs

New software will give BlackBerry users the ability to 'tether,' or use their handheld as a cellular data link for Mac notebooks.

The release date of August 1 for iMobimac Modem will see Mac users gain full Internet connectivity through a BlackBerry, the equivalent of 3G modems embedded in laptops, like this new HP with a Verizon modem built in. However, since this allows you to change carriers by changing the tethering phone, you're not married to the cellular company built into your laptop, and one cellular account can serve both voice and data needs.

I tether now (admittedly not through a BlackBerry but instead through a SymbianOS Nokia smartphone) and must caution that it's very wise to know before use what your cellular carrier charges for data. Three cents a kilobyte is not unheard of, which means a large download could be an expensive download.

Do you 'tether' now? If so, what has your experience been?


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