Browser add-on for real-time malware blocking

Haute Secure, a security start-up firm, has introduced a multi-layer approach for real-time malware blocking. Although there are many such products in the market already, none are perfect at arresting malware attacks.

A quote from the article at TechWorld:

"The first layer is a kernel-level driver that looks for and stops executables coming out of the browser.", said Steve Anderson, who heads the company's product strategy. "A second layer blocks the links from which malware is delivered," he added.

The software can be customized to obtain feeds on blacklists from various sources and saves the lists locally for improved speed. Thus blacklists from various other vendors can be incorporated too. The plug-in is available for Internet Explorer (Windows XP and Vista) and the version for Firefox and Safari will be released soon. Download the plug-in, which is free during beta release.

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