Compressing your Office documents with NXPowerLite

There is a tool in town called NXPowerLite that promises to dramatically reduce the file size of media-rich Microsoft Office files – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

NXPowerLite achieves its compression by optimization on the actual graphic files and objects located in the support file formats. The ability to edit the file by the original application remains unaffected.

However, if your file contains no graphics of embedded documents, according to the site:

… However, if your files contain no graphics or embedded documents, you are unlikely to experience much compression.

eWeek ran a battery of tests on it and were impressed by the product’s ability to reduce the sizes of image and object laden files while maintaining the quality of the files involved. You can read more about it here.

It is worth noting that the company offers a NXPowerLite Development Kit – which is a single Windows DLL that can be scripted via COM. The promise I see here would be the ability to transparently compress bulky Office documents as they passes through a WAN gateway or email server.

Would such an implementation be something you would consider implementing on your company’s network? Join the discussion.